Welcome to my new site.  Yup.  It’s another site built with iWeb.  Here’s the thing.  I created my original web site with hand-edited HTML and BBEdit in, uh, 1997 or so I think.  I write C++ for a living, not HTML (well mostly), and my graphic design skills are nil.  I know the criticisms of iWeb.  I know it makes bloated pages.  I’m sorry.  But at least you can maybe read this page without getting a migraine!  (Perhaps someday I can get somebody at Apple to explain to me how gray text on a gray background is good design, though.  Sheesh.)
Plus, when I finally registered a domain, I figured it was time to make a nice-looking site.  For me, that means a tool like iWeb.  And, maybe with an editing tool I’ll manage to maintain it a bit more often than the 2 year interval I usually seem to maintain.  Okay, welcome, and enjoy.
Oh, please note.  This site is under construction.  I’m currently traveling in Asia (check out my blog and photos!), so I have not yet created all the content that I will eventually have here to bore you all.  Rest assured, it’ll happen.
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